Weekend Hazmat Class JAN 18th & 19th


Training - We train our students until they are able to pass the Washington State skills test for one fee. Our students average 26 hours of behind the wheel drive time (8 hours more than the state requires). Our goal is to have every driver pass the test on the first attempt.


Cost - The cost of our tuition is $3430.00. This is one of the lowest prices for a class “A” commercial driver training. The total cost of the course is $3855.00 this includes tuition, permitting and a DOT physical. Our tuition has not changed for 3 years.


Equipment - At Taylor Driving Schools we take great pride in the equipment to which we training students. Students are trained in 2003+ trucks and 48 foot trailers. Most of our trucks are 10 speed manuals, we also have a couple 13 speeds, and an automatic available for training. We do not use short trailers for testing to pad the pass rate. All of our equipment is annually inspected and travels through State weigh stations daily.


Placement - We have an excellent reputation with local and over the road employers. We receive calls every week from business looking for drivers. While students are at the school several different companies will send recruiters to the school to make a pitch for drivers.

Why choose Taylor Driving Schools for your Training?

One of the Lowest cost in WA

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GI BILL® Benefits Accepted Here, Call For Details

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Taylor Driving Schools, 650 N. Burlington Blvd., Burlington, WA, 98233.


Other Services

- Truck driving school

- CDL preparation

-  Class A CDL training/ B to A upgrades 

​- Training in vehicle inspections

- Complete Safety Analysis

- Check rides to help re-train drivers

- Instruction in backing techniques

- Helping your drivers working on problem areas

- Helping your drivers have more confidence in your equipment


Class Starts on

Weekend Class
 Jan   11TH   2020 

*Only 3 students per instructor

JAN 18 & 19

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