Ed Taylor - Owner


Administrator and Owner of Taylor Driving Schools. Over 30 years in the transportation sector and 2.1 million miles without a preventable accident. 20 plus years OTR company driver. Other positions held before opening Taylor include owner operator, trainer, accident and driver retention committee member. Numerous safe driver and logbook compliance awards. (on the left below)

Melissa Pace - Assistant Administrator

Melissa, our assistant administrator started as a student here at Taylor Driving Schools about 2 years ago. She is one of the very few to get 100% on her vehicle inspection part of the WA State skills test. She is still the original Vehicle Inspection Specialist due to the fact she got 100% on that section of her skills test but also because she was the Vehicle Inspections instructor for about a year after getting her CDL. Since then she has been the Office Manager here at the TDS, where she takes care of all the office duties as well as help our students look into potential employers and graduate with at least an interview if not a job before they take their skills test or very quickly afterwards. She also fills in to help with training as well as the go-to person for those struggling with the vehicle inspections. When shes not busy containing the mass of paperwork and helping find students jobs or interviews, Melissa enjoys working in the garden, and making gnome gardens, she also enjoys making vintage silverware crafts like jewelry and wind chimes all while enjoying an original Monster energy drink

Randy Mann - Lead Instructor

Randy is our lead instructor/ supervisor here at Taylor Driving Schools, he obtained his CDL back in 1990 or about 28 years ago. In those 28 years on the road he has done and seen some amazing things, the most memorable of which was when he was given the opportunity to haul the first manned spacecraft built and flown by Russia! Randy was hauling it from a museum in New York City to another museum in Santa Barbara California. Randy's favorite truck from over the years was his PeterBuilt 379. When hes not here working at TDS Randy loves to enjoy the water out sailing on his sail boat, this is likely the place where you will find him on his days off. He likes to find a good secluded spot to anchor and kick back enjoying a cold drink and the company of his girlfriend all while cooking up some fresh caught crab.

Ethan Peterson - Social Media/ Office

Ethan has been with Taylor Driving Schools for a little over a year now, he started doing odd jobs here and there and quickly moved into vehicle inspections where he was the majority of that time. Ethan has helped many students prepare and get ready to take the vehicle inspection portion of the WA state skills test. He doesn't have his CDL yet at this time however he can do the vehicle inspection blind folded! Ethan is now in charge of social media and keeping the web page up to date as well as helping out in the office. When hes not busy at work, you will most likely find him out riding his motorcycle or working on it depending on the day. Ethan also enjoys cooking good food and being outside either hiking or doing something fun in the sun.

Norm Jenkins - Instructor

Norm has been a commercial driver since 1973 as well as an instructor for almost 2.5 years with a little over 1 of which has been here at Taylor Driving Schools. Norm is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and hes very good at what he does here at Taylor Driving School. He has helped many students become truckers over the years and we appreciate that immensely. Norm is another one of our more experienced drivers and because of that he is able to do his job very well and his students are always great full 

Eddie (Ed) Martinez - Instructor

Dave Dewey - Instructor

As an instructor here at Taylor Driving Schools, Dave Dewey has surpassed the average length here at TDS by about 20 years for a total of roughly 50 years CDL experience! Dave has right around 5,000,000 miles without a preventable accident, in which hes seen some pretty wild things. The most crazy of which was a very oversize load that had 32 axles under it and 140 tires touching the road all while being pushed by 2 push vehicles to help with the extreme weight of the load. Out of all the vehicles Dave has driven over the years, his most favorite would be the 1996 Kenworth W900h. When hes not busy here training at the school, you can usually find Dave at home relaxing and spending time with family or doing chores around the house. You may also find him at home cooking up some BBQ and other smoked meats all while enjoying his favorite drink, diet Pepsi. 

Glen Lewis - Instructor

Glen has been with Taylor Driving School for about 2 years now, he has had his CDL for 10+ years as well. In those 10 years out on the road the craziest thing he has witnessed was, while driving on a highly windy day he was driving across the midwest where it is very long and very flat. Glen was smart and decided it was time to pull over until the wind had subsided a bit and luckily he was fully loaded, since a few trucks in front of him had been caught by the wind and blown completely over on their side. Glen is an all around automotive enthusiast and his favorite things to drive are his Chrysler 300's, and on his ideal day off His Custom Harley Davidson motorcycle all over the great PNW. If hes not out on the road in or on a vehicle he loves to drive, you will most likely find him enjoying some BBQ and his favorite cold beverage. Thanks for being of service Glen!

Ryan Peterson - Instructor

Ryan has just joined our group of instructors here at Taylor Driving School. In the Short time he has been here, Ryan has made quite the impression with his students and our staff. Ryan has been a Class A CDL holder for the past three years, loving to drive combination vehicles. In those three years on the road Ryan has seen a few unsettling things, the craziest or dumbest of which would be witnessing people jumping over the roadway in or on a vehicle of sorts. While Ryan isn't here at the school teaching his students or driving combination vehicles himself, you will usually find him out shooting target practice somewhere and or enjoying a slice of pizza and an ice cold coke to wash it down.


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 August 8th    2020 

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