Taylor Driving Schools also offers on-site training at your location. Moreover, Our instructor has over 20 years of experience and can help you with many driver related issues.


     We offer training in vehicle inspections


We offer training on how to do a proper vehicle inspection, you will be shown how to properly and thoroughly inspect all major systems on the vehicle as well as what to do if you find an issue. Whether you're learning the inspection for your skills test or learning how to do a daily inspection before you head out on the road for the day, we've got you covered.


     Refresher Courses / Re-Training


Whether you have your CDL and haven't driven in a while or haven't used it at all, we've got you covered! We can help by giving you a refresher course or work to re train you as a driver Give us a call or stop by and talk with Ed or one of the lead instructors and they can give you an idea on what would benefit you most.


     Instruction in backing techniques


We offer instruction in all areas of backing. Our training includes blind side, 90 degree, 45 degree, and straight backing. We also teach proper usage of mirrors as well as the benefits of using helpers for added safety.


     Helping your drivers working on problem areas


After identifying where a driver needs help, we work with them to change bad habits for safer driving techniques. This is accomplished through verbal instruction, literature, and hands on instruction


     Helping your drivers have more confidence in your equipment


We help to build driver confidence teaching drivers to identify hazard before they become emergencies. We also work with them on proper vehicle awareness. ie. lane placement, following distances, being aware of surroundings at all times ( double and triple checking blind spots, mirrors and intersections) and most importantly SAFETY!